SBTL9000 Series

Nowadays, designers always give architecture a unique sense of beauty. Aesthetic and functional access control devices that can match the beauty of advanced architectural designs are essential. ZKTeco’s SBTL9000 uses advanced optical technology, and the exterior has a modern feel, beautiful and thin. As we all know, aluminum alloy always feels light. Therefore, engineers made this thin gate with special aluminum alloy. SBTL9000 is equipped with a display screen, where clients can customize media information and display it well to every user of the gate. In addition, SBTL9000’s servo motor driver performs silent and speedy operations. Lastly, this set of gates is connected to an advanced security alarm system, which significantly boosts the security level.

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Product image
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Product Features

Modular Design

Fits general modern design aesthetics

Sturdy and durable

A screen that displays customized media content

A servo motor driver known for its fast operation speed

Connection to an advanced security alarm system

Technical Specifications

Power Supply AC

100V to 120V or 200V to 240V, 50/60Hz

Working Temperature

-28°C to 60°C

Working Humidity

20% to 95% (Non-condensing)

Working Environment


Max. Speed of Throughput

35 people per minute

Lane Width (mm)


Infrared Sensor

12 pairs

Dimensions of Product (L*W*H)

1738*142*1080 (mm)

Dimensions of Product with Packaging (L*W*H)

1955*312*1110 (mm)

Dimensions of Product Parts with Packaging (L*W*H)

1420*380*385 (mm)

Cabinet Material

Aluminium Alloy

Lid Material

Aluminium Alloy

Barrier Material


Barrier Movement


Emergency Mode


Security Level


Screen Size

15.2 inches

Graphics Display Resolution

1280*307 Pixels