ZKTeco Solutions Inc. is a part of a globally renowned enterprise ZKTeco Co. Ltd. centered on delivering biometric verification technology. We provide all-in-one revolutionary security solutions by bringing a wide range of products and services including Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance & Exit Applications, Smart Office Applications.

ZKTeco Payroll

Simplify the process, maximize productivity.  Make your Timekeeping & Payroll quick, easy, and accurate.

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Convenient mobile app to  manage time & attendance at the palm of your hands. 

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ZKTeco Smart Devices

Select from our wide range of  advanced technology for Access-Control and Security Inspection.

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An all-in-one mobile application currently being developed by our team which aims to unify all the services you need in one convenient and secured mobile application.

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Driven by our mission to provide individuals and businesses with identity solutions to create a secure and smart community, we see a society using our technologies as an integral part of their lives.