LPRS1000 adopts a set of independent research and development of top-class license plate recognition algorithm, and combining with years of experience in industry application. No need to stop, and no need to swipe card. Quick access to the parking lot of the automatic license plate recognition mode, provides users with more intelligent, more convenient, more perfect experience.

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Product Features

Industry-leading LPR Algorithm

Dr. team for algorithm development

License plate recognition accuracy is over 99.7%

License plate recognition speed is less than 200 ms

Parking Management Software

Customizable diversity of parking charging rules

Can export various financial statements

Automatic License Plate Recognition Mode

No need to stop and swipe card

Quick access to the parking lot

More intelligent, more convenient, perfect user experience

Localized Display and Voice

Real-time display of license plate number, time record, remaining empty parking spaces, parking fee and other information

Localized voice broadcast

Easy Installation and Connectivity

Camera, LED display, voice broadcast, fill light , fixed base as integrated design

Applicable to Outdoor

Camera: IP65

Integrated machine: IP54

Power Supply

220V AC 50Hz

Technical Specifications

Recognition Rate

Day_>99.9%; Night_>99.7%

Recognition Distance

2-10Meters (Recommend Best Distance is 3.5-4m)

Recognition Time

<_200ms (Average)




2 Relay, 2 Aux. Input, Audio Input And Output, 2 485 Output, Reset, Wiegand Out

Camera Lens

2MP, Auto Focus, Best Snap Range: 3.5-4Meters

Minimum Illumination

0.1Lux (Standard)

Standard Function

Automatic License Plate Recognition, Real-Time Display Information, Voice Broadcast , Customizable Charging Rules, Export Various Financial Statements, Blacklist And Whitelist Function, Fill Light ,Automatic Control Parking Barrier

Support Speed


Support Country

Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia , Thailand Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, EU, Mongolia, Korea, Pakistan


ZKParking C/S Software

Power Consumption


Operating Temperature

-20°C - +55°C

Relative Humidity




Package Dimension(LxWxH)

340x220x1600 mm